Hydro Power Advantages

Hydro power is renewable energy (green or clean energy) and offers the following advantages over other renewable energy technologies:

  • Hydro power is clean energy at affordable feed-in-tariffs as compared to other renewable energy technologies, especially solar PV;
  • Free dependable fuel & dependable power;
  • Hydro power generation is more predictable as it is based on the flow data of previous years;
  • Better Plant Load Factor (PLF) as compared to solar & wind;
  • Proven & standard technology at much lower costs
  • Base load generation, among others.

Why invest in hydro power projects?

  • Assured high returns over a medium to long investment horizon;
  • No market risk, because of long term power purchase agreements (PPA), which provides guaranteed off-take and price;
  • High demand for power in the country and region; and
  • Proven and standard technology without risks of obsolescence.