Membership Categories

There are FOUR categories of members to the Association, namely –

(a). Corporate Membership

Corporate membership include a Corporation, Institution, Association / Organization and group or partnership represented by designated persons. An organisation writes a request indicating interest to become a corporate member, and indicates the name and address of the person designated to represent it at meetings.

(b). Ordinary Membership

Persons, who subscribe to the aims and objectives of the Association, and have paid the ordinary subscription fee prescribed in the regulations, become ordinary members provided they comply with the provisions governing membership. Only ordinary members of three months standing have voting rights. For this case, academicians, researchers, individual equipment dealers, service providers, individual consultants fall under this category.

(c). Associate Membership

Any person who has attained the age of eighteen (18) years is eligible for associate membership, provided they pay the fees prescribed by the regulations and subscribe to the aims and objectives of the Association. These members have no voting rights.

(d). Honorary Membership

This applies to persons who have made outstanding contributions to the causes of the Association and are, by the majority decision of the Executive Committee, made honorary members, but have no voting rights.