Six years after her incorporation, HPAU has well over 20 members, composed of corporate private sector institutions, civil society organisations and government agencies.

Membership to the Association is open to private sector companies, organizations and associations, consumer organisations, together with policy makers involved in the promotion and development of hydro power.

Acquisition of Membership

An individual, institution or company may become a member of the Association

  • Expresses interest through our contact page;
  • Pays membership and annual subscription fees, whereupon the particulars are entered in the Associations’ Membership Register; and,
  • Receives a Membership Certificate under common seal of the Association indicating membership category and expiry date.
  • Honorary members are nominated and approved by the National Executive Committee.

Membership Benefits

These include but are not limited to –

  • Participating in proceedings of the Annual General Meeting, which is the supreme governing body of the Association;
  • Can vote or be voted into positions of responsibility;
  • Advantage to speak with a collective voice on policy issues affecting the hydro power industry;
  • First priority access to the various local, regional and global business opportunities that keep come to the Association; and,
  • Networking and other kinds of exposure.

Membership and Subscription Fees:

No. Category Registration Fees Annual Subscription
1. Corporate UGX 100,000/- UGX 200,000/-
2. Ordinary UGX 50,000/- UGX 100,000/-
3. Associate UGX 25,000/- UGX 50,000/-
4. Honorary N/A N/A

Membership and subscription for Financial Year 2020 is ongoing.  Please contact us for more information.