Incoming Chairman, Eng. Emmy Matovu (left), receives hand-over report from his outgoing counterpart, Mr. Benard Sembatya; as Mr. Dan Marlone, Vice Chairman, applauds.


(a). Background

Hydro Power Association of Uganda Limited (HPAU) is an Association consisting of over 20 Ugandan private companies dealing in various aspects of hydro power development. It was duly incorporated in June 2014 as a company limited by guarantee.

The Association strives to pursue realistic promotion, development and deployment of sustainable clean energy solutions, by promoting, coordinating, demonstrating, disseminating and influencing energy delivery policies.

(b). Governance

HPAU is governed by the National Executive Committee (NEC) of nine members and two advisors, elected by the General Assembly, which is made up of all registered members.

The current NEC, 2019-2021, consists of:

  1. Eng. Emmy Matovu, Chairman;
  2. Mr. Dan Marlone Nabutsabi, Vice Chairman;
  3. Mr. Benard Sembatya, Secretary;
  4. Eng. Abdu Kalema, Treasurer;
  5. Eng. Solomon Okongo Oola, Member;
  6. Mr. Denis Rukundo, Member;
  7. Eng. Paul Mwirumubi, Member;
  8. Mr. Miiro Emmanuel Musoke, Member; and,
  9. Mr. Stephen Lumu, Member.

The HPAU NEC has also got two advisors, namely: Mr. Amos Kambagira Tamusuza (Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development) and Ms. Elizabeth Kaijuka Okwenje (Rural Electrification Agency).

(c). Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the global development and sound management of hydro power resources for sustainable access to energy and improved socio-economic development in Uganda and entire region.

(d). Vision

The vision of HPAU is become a partner of choice for hydro power development locally, regionally and globally.

(e). Strategic Objectives

To that effect, various players in the hydro power sub-sector came together to form an association, for the following objectives:

  1. Develop a platform for advisory and advocacy roles to Government and private sector on behalf of hydro power stakeholders;
  1. Origination, promotion and enforcement of quality and standards of technology and technical installations, services, practice and management of hydro power resources;
  1. Capacity development through training, embracing new hydro power technologies and innovations through research and development;
  1. Promotion and marketing of the hydro power technology and services;
  1. Resource mobilization, knowledge management, networking and information sharing among stakeholders and investments in hydro power, and;
  1. Environmental protection and conservation in the catchments.

Over the last six years of existence now, the Association is gaining momentum, recognition and membership.

HPAU is also a member Association of the Uganda National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Alliance (UNREEEA).